AIM Supply – More than Just Products

The Total Solution

Since 1971, AIM Supply has been serving the industrial, manufacturing, and transportation markets providing businesses with more than just products…we provide a total solution.

AIM Supply Total SolutionExclusive Cost Saving Initiatives (CSI) Program

Save 6% or more with the AIM CSI ProgramWhether you’re in maintenance, a manufacturer or service a fleet of vehicles we guarantee that we can save you money with our cost savings initiative (CSI) program. A solution that includes quality national brands, a highly trained and responsive support staff and a network of 8 distribution centers for nationwide product availability.


We have a wide variety of on-surveys available for your specific business needs, including:

  • Trash & Waste Surveys
  • Tool Usage Surveys
  • Safety Surveys (Gloves, Fall Protection, Respiratory, Hearing and Eye)

Inventory Management

Our field market specialists can manage your inventory to ensure that you have what you need when you need it, while maximizing the return on your investment.

The AIM Supply Information Network

AIM Supply is second to none in supplying you timely, accurate, and important information to help you effectively run your business, including:

  • CSI Documentation and Tracking
  • EDI – Electronic Document Interchange
  • Customized Packing Lists With your Part Numbers
  • Detailed Reporting that Tracks Your Purchases (Monthly, Yearly, By Department or By Budget)

On Time Delivery

We offer the fastest and least expensive way to ensure your supplies arrive intact and on schedule.

High Order Fill Rates

Our high order fill rates reduce your need to stock additional inventory. We keep a large supply on hand that protects you from manufacturing delays and product shortages.

One Call Customer Service

You have access to the most highly trained support staff in the industry.

Technical Expertise

Our field market specialists are more than just sales representatives. Consider them your personal consultants who are ready to work for you.

Product Training

AIM Supply is committed to keeping our staff and yours up to date with new developments and changes in the industry.

Contact us today at 1-800-999-0125 to start saving.